Welcome to Royalmark Management

H.I.T. your goals with Royalmark Management.

Royalmark’s primary investment strategy is to generate strong and consistent returns by purchasing real estate portfolios with solid foundations of cash flow. We focus on small to medium sized distressed income producing properties. This distress can be anything from deferred maintenance or major rehab to ownership problems.

    Our investments goals are simple:
  • Acquire distressed income producing properties well below market value.
  • Ensure money is made on the acquisition side as the primary focus.
  • Produce value added enhancements and upgrades to increase performance.
  • Establish short-term and long-term exit strategies for each acquisition.

Royalmark has expanded its operations into petroleum and renewable energy opportunities. With economic times in today's environment, many distress situations present themselves and provide gateways into markets that might otherwise be unobtainable. Royalmark’s unique deal sourcing capabilities, market knowledge and relationships allow us to find and execute opportunties effectively while adhering to disciplined due diligence procedures.