We provide solid returns backed by stable cashflow.

Our unique investment strategy is centered around three key ingredients to effective real estate investing which are designed to create maximum performance for our investors. Without these ingredients, effectively applied, investment property can quickly become a drain on investors. Properties that lack these ingredients are in a distressed situation and are perfect candidates for high return investments.

With over 26 years of hands on real estate experience under our belt, we have developed an effective investment strategy centered around our 3-M philosophy: Market, Manage and Maintain. Any prospective investment property must first and foremost past the performance test: Will it bring in the desired return on investment or not?

When you invest with Royalmark Management you become part of a network of investment professionals that understand the nuts and bolts of real estate investing and can get a property to perform up to or in excess of investment expectations. Click here to inquire about investing with Royalmark Management or to inquire about selling your asset.

For instance, if you invest in an income producing property and get a guaranteed preferred return of 8% or more PLUS a big cash profit when the property sells, the worst you can do is get the 8%. However, your yeild can go to 35% or more over the term of the investment. Bottom line - when you invest in income producing property you lower your risk considerably.